What is predictive app marketing?

Five years ago, the promise of Big Data and the idea of understanding our customers and prospects on a deeper level was exciting. But the promise fell flat when it came to actually using that information to drive business decisions. Since those days, everyone has been rushing to hire data scientists or find new technologies that figure out what to do with all the data we now have at our grasp. Predictive_App_MarketingIt is this very intersection - the point where data and action collide - where predictive app marketing lives.

ICHERK 2016 : XIV International Conference on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge

The ICHERK 2016: XIV International Conference on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Higher Education, Research and Knowledge.

IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge


Business Intelligence Strategy: A Utilities Company Case Study

Paul Hawking (Institute for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, College of Business, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia), Carmine Sellitto (Institute for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, College of Business, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia)

Towards a Methodology for Developing Evidence-Informed Management Knowledge by Means of Systematic Review

Undertaking a review of the literature is an important part of any research project. The researcher both maps and assesses the relevant intellectual territory in order to specify a research question which will further develop the knowledge base. However, traditional ‘narrative’ reviews frequently lack thoroughness, and in many cases are not undertaken as genuine pieces of investigatory science. Consequently they can lack a means for making sense of what the collection of studies is saying. These reviews can be biased by the researcher and often lack rigour.

10th Annual South East European Doctoral Student Conference

Building on the success of the nine previous Doctoral Conferences which totally attracted over 900 papers from countries all over the SE European region and beyond (UK, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, Belgium and USA), we are pleased to announce the organisation of the 10th South East European Doctoral Student Conference.

Big Data: Creating the Power to Move Heaven and Earth

In the past few years, Big Data has morphed from being yet another IT buzzword into a virtual tsunami sweeping over enterprises and consumers alike. Humans, organizations, devices, and machines of all types now contribute huge waves of data into what’s being called the data universe. And just like the other, real universe, the data universe continues to expand rapidly.  

Mobiles and medicine: The brave new world of mHealth

AT&T and Vodafone are names we generally associate with calling plans rather than with healthcare. But with the rise of "mobile health" -- the use of mobile communications technology in healthcare -- some of the world's best-known telecoms brands are partnering with health-sector companies to enter the medical fray.

"MHealth," as it is known, has moved beyond a mere buzzword and now stands at a tipping point, say backers.

The eternity drive: Why DNA could be the future of data storage

How long will the data last in your hard-drive or USB stick? Five years? 10 years? Longer?

Already a storage company called Backblaze is running 25,000 hard drives simultaneously to get to the bottom of the question. As each hard drive coughs its last, the company replaces it and logs its lifespan.

While this census has only been running five years, the statistics show a 22% attrition rate over four years.

Some may last longer than a decade, the company says, others may last little more than a year; but the short answer is that storage devices don't last forever.